Rafael Fyen

About me and this website

Hi — I'm a front-end web developer based in southern Sweden.
I specialize in creating websites, and graphics, I mainly work with web code and vector-based visuals. I also dabble in physical prototyping and interface design, since I've studied human-computer interaction.

At the moment I'm working for Boozt as a web developer.

Jet-lagged and drowsy
in Thailand

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Selected work

This website is for me to display my work. Below you'll find a small showcase of my personal projects, mainly in web production.


Design, Coding, 2010

I got tasked with creating a simple one-page business website that could serve to inform potential customers about seamstress services.
This website was later slightly reworked to serve as a more personal website once the company ended.

It's still online, take a gander.

Several layouts were considered, before we settled on the current design (far right image)

Table Tennis

Manufacturing, Coding, 2008

This fast-paced two-player game is an oak box fitted with a microphone that reacts to thuds. The object of the game is to hit the short sides of the box to make the ball (represented by an green LED) go towards the opposing player.

If the timing of the hit is off, the ball will be counted as "out", earning the player who knocked the ball out - a point.

Rose Garden

Producing, Video Editing, 2012

I've always liked the idea of producing and editing videos. My first semi-serious attempt at one was about my hometown's rose garden, the same year as I got my first DSLR with video capabilities.

This video is available on Vimeo.

Tumblr Themes

Design, Coding, 2010

Sometimes when I have time I throw together a Tumblr layout, and try it out on my old blog.

Previous Profiles

Design, Coding, 2008-15

I've kept a record of almost all my modern profile page incarnations. It's fun to see the evolution of a personal presentation space. Color schemes, design principles, and underlying code all evolve.

The previous version of my profile page, created and used in 2014