Hi — I'm a front-end web developer based in southern Sweden.

I specialize in creating websites, and graphics, I mainly work with web code and vector-based visuals. I also dabble in physical prototyping and interface design, since I've studied human-computer interaction.

At the moment I'm working for Boozt as a web developer.

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Table Tennis


This fast-paced two-player reaction and timing based game is an oak box fitted with a microphone that reacts to thuds. Rally the light-ball between each end, when the timing is off, the ball counts as out.

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Various Websites


Through the years I've worked on various small projects. Including personal businesses, themes for blogs, and graphics for websites.



I've always been interested in modernist symbols, icons, logomarks, what have you.

Previous Portfolios


I've kept a record of almost all my modern profile page incarnations. It's fun to see the evolution of a personal presentation space. Color schemes, design principles, and underlying code all evolve.


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